At present we are, where the air conditioning, industrial and commercial cold market lives hard times. To offer new proposals or services, focused on empowering professional attention and adapting to the times, is not a privilege… it is almost our duty.

It is for this reason that the company IMB with over 25 years of industry experience and a highly qualified staff and accredited to attend any installation or HVAC, industrial and commercial refrigeration equipment, following all regulations, guidelines and laws both technical and environmental to be applied in this sector. Want to offer our BONUS SERVICE system.


It is an exclusive service for maintenance companies with more than one installation or maintenance contract and need, at specific times during the year, additional technical assistance or specific service of high technological value at special rates without having charges or costs that means having such qualified personnel on staff.

How does BONUS SERVICE work?

This innovative system but not new works as a discount on the price of labor technically qualified, depending on the amount of contracted, ie the number of technician hour per pack. Currently we only offer 3 types:


As the number suggests, are the number of hours of service to use for an entire year, regardless of the type of intervention required, assigned facility or the type of machine to attend.

What kind of services does BONUS SERVICE offer?

Our extensive menu of services, offers multiple applications or uses of our technical staff on topics such as: preventive maintenance of chillers according to manufacturers specifications and regulations. Cleaning of refrigerators circuits, or refrigerant (R22) replacement. Taking energy performance data with calibrated measurement equipment of last generation (climacheck). Repair in situ of any type of compressor, whenever possible. Modifications or adjustments to lines and refrigerant circuits according to regulations.

What are the BONUS SERVICE advantages?

This exclusive service is also preferred for our customers, understanding that our presence will always be for special and key interventions for proper atencion of your customer

Moreover, this services offers the possibility to have a weekend call service, with the only cost of the service ability, since the hours spent in this service will be discounted at 1x2 of the hired BONUS SERVICE.

How much is BONUS SERVICE?

This service system has not an additional or special cost, just have some special prices and discounts for the consumption or a few technician hours. Depending on the number of contracted hours may be at very competitive prices to minimize the cost of any maintenance contract.

How can we help?

  • Bonus service Bonus Service
  • Cleaning equipment of refrigeration circuits for refrigerant replacement cleaning equipment
  • Hydraulic for the extraction of windings from compressors up to 60hp hydraulic extraction windings
  • Climacheck: equipment for data acquisition and performance verification climacheck
  • Equipment for leak detection by ultrasounds equipment leak detection