Repairs of air conditioning and refrigeration

Thanks to the team that we have, with a great technical ability, we can undertake any repairs that arise in installations and air conditioning equipment and commercial and industrial refrigeration. We have machines and tools of the latest technology for diagnosis and repair.

With our vehicles we carry tools and spare parts to offer quick and safe fixes, trying to work with the minimal delay but with quality.

Compressor repair

We repair both piston and screw compressors in our own workshop, and we offer the ability to repair on site, saving in many cases the involvement of a crane. We have windings extractors up to 60hp, transportable to the installation, as well as replacement coils and reconditioned compressors to avoid if possible a prolonged stoppage of the installation.

We offer original spare parts and aftermarket high quality ones at lower prices.

  • Hydraulic for the extraction of windings from compressors up to 60hp hydraulic extraction bindings
  • Climacheck: equipment for data acquisition and performance verification climacheck
  • Cleaning equipment of refrigeration circuits for refrigerant replacement cleaning equipment
  • Equipment for leak detection by ultrasounds equipment leak detection
  • Gauges and digital thermometers gauges and digital thermometers
  • Vans equipped for technical assistance vans equipped
  • Screw Compressor Repair screw compressor repair
  • Compressors repair on site 1 compressor repair
  • Compressors repair on site 1 compressor repair
  • Dismantling compressors for repair dismantling compressor repair
  • Compressors repair workshop 1 compressor repair workshop
  • Compressors repair workshop 2 compressor repair workshop
  • Repaired compressors, spareparts and refrigerant in stock 1 repaired compressors
  • Repaired compressors, spareparts and refrigerant in stock 2 repaired compressors