Using natural gas as primary energy in the production of heat or cold is a concept well developed in countries where electricity is limited or very expensive.

In the late 90s was introduced in Spain a new technology that uses internal combustion engines for the production of heat or cold. One technique that has evolved to the present thanks to the presence in the market for machines such as Tecochill, Climaveneta, Tecofrost, that were equipped with gas-powered engines.

IMB will do mainly:

  • Assessment tasks and solving technical queries of current gas-powered machines.
  • Repair and maintenance of gas-powered machines.
  • The search for new products and production machines supplied with hot and cold combustion engines that use the primary energy of natural or propane gas.
  • Create inertia with industry to create new products or systems that perform the production of cold or heat fueled by natural gas or propane engines.

One of the main needs is currently maintaining existing machines and that is why we try to ensure the necessary conditions are adjusted to price parts.

We have a wide range of references to current needs and constantly look for new product references to ensure continuity of the currently installed machines.

How can we help?

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  • Natural energy. Gas HVAC natural energy
  • Natural energy. Gas HVAC natural energy